Recommended Blogs

Thanks to the interwebs we are very fortunate to come across brilliant, experienced, and insightful individuals who enjoy sharing their vast wealth of knowledge with others. If you are into IT and Wireless Networking, then here are some very interesting and useful blogs you should definitely take a close look at and follow.



Keith Parsons


Wireless LAN Professionals by Keith Parsons

Keith Parsons is a certified Wireless LAN professional, consultant, and teacher. His site is dedicated to those who are involved in the craft of Wireless LANs and it’s a place to come and learn from, hang out with, and be inspired by other like-minded people.


Andrew vonNagy


Revolution WiFi by Andrew von Nagy

Andrew von Nagy is a recognized wireless LAN networking expert and enthusiast. He has achieved two of the industry’s highest certifications, CCIE #28298 and CWNE #84. His blog is aimed at providing valuable resources and insights for wireless LAN engineers of all skill levels, technology managers, and enthusiasts wishing to keep abreast of the fast-paced world of wireless technologies.




WiredNot by Lee Badman

Lee Badman is a WLAN architect, freelance writer, and contributor to Network Computing magazine. Lee works for Syracuse University as a Network Architect and frequent Adjunct Instructor, and his technical experience spans 25+ years. On his “mostly-WiFi” blog Lee is constantly presenting a fresh, interesting take on things.


Ben Miller


Sniff WiFi by Ben Miller

Ben Miller is a CWNE-certified wireless network consultant, active trainer, and writer covering a variety of topics pertinent to wireless LANs. He also holds a bachelor’s of science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Southern California. Ben’s blog is about practical wireless protocol analysis, site surveys, and security.


Eric Wright

DiscoPosse by Eric Wright

Eric Wright is a certified Systems Architect, blogger, VMware vExpert, and Cisco Champion. He specializes in VMware virtualization, OpenStack, Microsoft Active Directory and Server technologies, PowerShell and supporting a wide range of on-premises and cloud deployments. His blog is about all things cloud, virtualization, networking, and orchestration.

 Packet Pushers


Packet Pushers by Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro

The Packet Pushers Podcast is an audio program published multiple times per month covering the data networking industry. Co-hosts Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks are professional network architects and writers with many years of network engineering and design experience in a variety of industries, as well as being Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts.


Arsen Bandurian

Thechnical Blog by Arsen Bandurian

Arsen Bandurian is an enterprise mobility architect and trainer with 25 years of IT experience. On his blog he covers various aspects of IT that he deals or have dealt with. IT operations strategy, bar-code scanning, web development, WLANs and networking, exploring OSes, fixing my computer, etc. You’ll find it all there.


NSA Show


NSA Show by Blake Krone, Sam Clements, Jennifer Huber, and George Stefanick

The No Strings Attached Show, NSA Show for short, is brought to you by some of the brightest and best Wireless engineers from various walks of life. Combined, they have over 17 networking certifications including CCIE and CWNE. They all bring a different view on the various products that they use on a daily basis to provide Wireless networking to the masses.




GCateWiFi by Glen Cate

Glen is an electronics enthusiast, amateur radio operator, and certified WLAN professional with over 17 years of experience. His blog is geared towards the worldwide WLAN professional community and has three main goals: 1) provide reviews of Wi-Fi products, services and technology; 2) provide personal Wi-Fi experiences that will help others in the WLAN community; and 3) publish and maintain a comprehensive Wi-Fi Blogroll.




MRN-CCIEW by Rasika Nayanajith

Rasika is a CCIE-R&S and CCIE-W from Sri Lanka with over 10 years of experience in the networking field. His blog centers around his journey to becoming a CCIE-W and CWNE, and is filled with great content not only for those following his footsteps but also anybody who’s interested in learning more about the underpinnings of 802.11 wireless network analysis and security.